Grabbing the Low Hanging Fruit

Becoming a serious wheat producer starts with capturing the “low hanging fruit”. When it comes to increasing the yield potential of a wheat crop, one of the top five management strategies is planting date. Planting an early maturing crop this spring will ensure the wheat can get planted in an “early window” to gain those extra bushels. However, are we giving up soybean yield? Read more to find out! Read More

Give Wheat a Fighting Chance

Many will say wheat crops are made in March during freeze thaw cycles. For some regions and planting dates this is true, however; is the winter damage as bad as you think? The decision to keep or terminate your winter wheat crop needs to start with a proper spring assessment. I know patience is difficult in these situations but waiting as long as possible and getting the whole picture is imperative, don’t just focus on the poor areas! Read More

2017 Harvest Update

As harvest has been wrapped up in the southern end of the province for a couple weeks now, whereas some areas are still working hard to get the remainder of the crop off. In the Niagara region... Read More