The Certified Seed Advantage


Can you afford not to use it?

Canada’s seed system is recognized and respected
around the globe because it ensures germination and
mechanical purity, while providing an third-party
verified audit trail of varietal identity. It’s a system that
has given Canada its worldwide reputation as a supplier
of quality agricultural products, a reputation you can
use to guarantee the quality of your own products.

There are three main components to this system:

1. varietal purity;

2. germination;

3. and freedom of impurities.

Certified Seed Benefits for Your Farm

Stop the Spread of Glyphosate Resistance Weeds

Unfortunately glyphosate resistance is here and we have increased risk of spreading our problems from field to field when we choose farm-saved seed. Although many will say, “I already get my seed cleaned,” the reality is that there are not the same stringent regulations on cleaning seed that there are for producing certified wheat seed. Chemical resistant weeds are costing you money! Don’t Risk it.

Quality Tested up to 5x for Germination

Certified seed has many quality tests that go along with it. Germination is one of the key tests and C&M Seeds certified Seed is germination tested up to 5x before it gets to you to ensure top quality. Once off the field, once in the seed grower’s bin, once upon arrival to our cleaning
facilities, and again by third party and C&M Seeds upon packaging.   Top quality seed treatments comes standard.

A consistent and measured seed size can save you more than just the cost of seed!

Knowing the number of seeds you are planting can be crucial to success. First, winter survival can be improved by knowing how many seeds you are planting at certain times of the year. Second, having too many seeds planted can actually encourage diseases like powdery mildew costing you money in both additional seed used AND lost revenue from yield loss. Uniformity Counts!

Professionally Applied Seed Treatments

We have tested and proven the seed treatments that we select for C&M Seeds products. They must be the best in the field for yield and quality performance and are proven in our extensive research program. They are also applied evenly around seed to achieve maximum performance. Multiple modes of action can fight almost all current soil-borne issues and improve winter survival. Strong starts lead to even stronger finishes.

Stay Ahead of Diseases Like Stripe Rust

Stripe rust and fusarium have been two diseases that have been in the minds of all Ontario Farmers. Your purchase of certified seed allows for research programs to continue to introduce new genetics to you and stay ahead disease. Fusarium risk has drastically been reduced with new genetics coming from the investment you have made in certified seed. Certified seed makes you far more money when you look at long-term investment.

No Hassle Organizing Cleaning or Treating of Your Seed

Ready to use seed on your farm is what the certified seed choice delivers. C&M Seeds products are delivered and supported by a qualified and knowledgeable dealer, allowing you to focus on the most impactful part of your crop – marketing! You also eliminate the risk of saving too much seed. Maximize profits in the areas that matter most to your business.

Access to New Opportunities

Many end-users require specific varieties for their products. Using certified seed can open the door to new opportunities and greater sales by providing officially recognized proof of your parent seed varietal identity. Marketing potential.


Certified seed is inspected by CFIA to ensure that you are growing an accepted variety and high quality, pure seed. Guaranteed quality assurance.

Maximize your Inputs

You want the best genetics and the cleanest fields to ensure you are making the most of your input dollars. Planting certified seed means you’re not wasting time, and the ever-increasing investment required for modern crop production, on seed that won’t reliably produce a top crop. Performance ready.

Certified Seed has made Ontario wheat farmers at least $4/acre every year for the past 30!

Certified Seed is the method of genetic improvement in Ontario. Ontario yields have improve 100% over the last 30 years because of the support of the certified seed industry – it’s not your uncle’s wheat. New varieties hold the potential to yield well over 100 bu/acre. There has
been 45 bu/acre of yield improvement over the past 40 years equating to more than 1 bu/acre yield improvement per year.

Don’t limit the potential growth in yield for wheat.


Important changes to Canada’s Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) Act are now in effect.

The updated legislation ensures continued investment in new and improved seed varieties for Canadian farmers. It also puts Canada on equal footing with other countries, keeping Canadian farmers competitive in the global market.

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