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C&M Seeds is committed to advancing the future of agriculture and the rural economy in Ontario. With new advanced genetics and a strong push on marketing the wheat seed varieties we develop, we will do everything we can to make agriculture and crop production a prosperous venture. We will do everything we can to ensure that YOU are successful.

When you buy a bag of certified seed from C&M Seeds, there are a few things you can guarantee. It will come with the top performing seed treatment and it is also backed by years of Performance Testing in Ontario’s unique climate, and by the leading wheat seed Ontario Professionals – The Wheat seed Team! We will continue to give our customers leading genetics and the product knowledge to make the best out of those genetics.

Serious About Wheat

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Presently C&M Seeds focuses on variety development and marketing in wheat and other cereals. The company conducts approximately 7,000 research plots at several locations in Ontario, and co-operates with many other research stations and wheat seed companies in Eastern Canada. To date, C&M Seeds has been the largest seller of red wheat seeds genetics in Ontario and all of Eastern Canada, and also has been an aggressive marketer of soybeans, barley, oats, and mixed grains. Focused on delivering value for farmers, C&M Seeds are leaders in the area of contracting wheat production, and we have an excellent relationship with the end-users located in the province.

C&M Seeds distributes through over 250 retail outlets across Ontario, covering the entire province with both regional and broadly adapted varieties. C&M Seeds is physically located in the heart of the cereal production area. C&M Seeds has excellent working relationships with the grain handling trade and is of shared ownership with one of the largest in-land receiving points for wheat seeds in the province. This connection with the down handling side of the trade is of great advantage in promoting new varieties and being able to offer producers a secure market for their product.

C&M Seeds has developed its reputation in the marketplace by following a rigid set of quality control standards and a self-imposed level of integrity second to none. It is our pledge to the industry that we will continue this tradition in the future.

Join The Wheat Team!

Our small, family owned company is always looking for new members of the team. Whether it is summer job opportunities, or a career dedicated to the industry, we want to hear from you!