Time to Check your Stands

As the wheat breaks dormancy, every wheat producer should be in their fields conducting a spring stand assessment to make well informed management decisions such as nitrogen and sulphur programs, fungicide applications and plant growth regulator requirements.

Counting Tillers

Counting Tillers and assessing stands in a wheat crop. It is always best to view the crop from a mathematical standpoint to determine what kind of yield potential and lodging risk you have.  A strong stand of wheat, according to many industry specialists, will have between 55 and 65 good heads per square foot.  Having …

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Protein in Wheat

Protein in Hard Red Wheat Protein is always a factor when producing Hard Red Wheat. Many growers have the same questions: “Why does protein matter to a miller or baker?” “Why didn’t my wheat make protein?” “How can I get protein next year?” Bakers and Millers care about protein in wheat (particularly hard wheat used …

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