Farm Show Winners

Lucky winners of 10 bags of seed from Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Another excellent edition of Canada’s Outdoor Farm show is in the books.   We had many attendees at our long time booth on the corner of Upper Machinery and First Lane, and growers were coming in loaded with questions.

Some of the most popular questions:

Q:  How late do I plant winter wheat?

A:  As long as you are planting into good conditions, we have seen very successful winter wheat planted into mid November.   The key is the conditions you plant into – if the ground is not fit, don’t plant.

Q:  Do I grow Soft Wheat or Hard Wheat?

A:  It depends on where you market your grain.  Hard Wheat has a great market demand, but not every country elevator is in a position to receive it.  Be ready to price around and see what the bids are for Hard Red Winter – you may be surprised at the opportunities that continue to present themselves.  Be sure to call us to help you out with questions around this topic.

Q: Do I split Nitrogen on my soft red winter wheat?

A:  We answered this very question in a previous wheat news plus. Click the link!

We encourage you to throw more questions at our Wheat New plus newsletter.  We love to dig in and share our learning.  Sometimes your questions inspire us to start discovery plots.

Congratulations to our 3 daily winners of 10 bags of C&M Seeds leading genetics.

  • John Lockie – JL Farms – Zephyr, ON
  • Reg Ecker – St. Ann’s, ON
  • Bob Simpson – Goderich, ON

Thanks to everyone who attended.  Be sure to see us at the Winter Farm shows in Ottawa and London as well for another chance to win seed.

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