Manage with confidence... Find out where you stand!

Make spring management decisions
based on your wheat stand

Once the snow melts and the wheat breaks dormancy, every wheat producer should be in their fields conducting a spring stand assessment to ensure they have a viable crop. Assessing your wheat stand will allow you to make well informed management decisions such as nitrogen and sulphur programs, fungicide applications and plant growth regulator requirements.

Not all wheat fields are the same

It is always best to view the crop from a mathematical standpoint to determine what kind of yield potential and lodging risk you have. A strong stand of wheat will have between 50 and 66 good heads per square foot.

Having a stand that is over that number quite often leads to a lodged crop of wheat – and under, we need to encourage tillering to reach maximum yield potential. Most often wheat lodges because stand is too thick, and stems are too thin – not too tall.  Having a crop that is under that can still be a good crop, but it requires tiller management.

Our new addition to will pair perfectly with your mobile device.  Remind yourself of winter stand evaluation numbers, determine if your crop requires a PGR, or needs tillering encouragement.  Our new tool can pair perfectly with a grower that is Serious about Wheat!

Find out the strength of your wheat stand and share it with others in your circle to decide on a proper management plan

Mobile Friendly! Save it to your phone

Click on the image above to visit for our mobile friendly tool. Save it on your phone to use at multiple points through seeding, fall evaluation, and spring evaluation.

Hit the "swheat spot", stay in the green!

Using our online tool you can pinpoint if you stand in the green on the chart below.  This will allow you to manage your crop with confidence, adding more certainty to your decision to apply a PGR, or kickstart your wheat with more fertility early.

Visit to make better fall, and spring decisions in your field

Too thick or thin of wheat stand may require different management

No one likes to harvest a crop in one direction.  Even the best stand of wheat may require a different type of management to best suit the field.

Thin stands can lead to less than ideal yields.  Our stand assessment calculator can help you determine if you need an ultra early app of N to kickstart your wheat.

Check out our seeding rate calculator to find out where you stand in the fall, after planting, and again in the spring!