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Strong Yield for Early Maturity Aurelina soybeans are an excellent early maturing identity preserved soybean option for the midwestern Ontario region. The commodity professionals at Ceresco have identified that the bean has excellent IP market opportunities. The Protein and Oil content in these beans are very desireable for the export customers. There are significant IP …

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KWS Bono

Bono Loves to Rock your Field! KWS Bono is another great hybrid rye option in Ontario. Millers and distillers love it hybrid rye for its high functional profile and consistent milling characteristics. It will be one foot shorter than open pollenated rye and has great standability. Growers have reported Bono yields 1.2 to 2 times …

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A Strong IP Soybean for 2700 heat unit region Angelica soybean offers growers strong yields and IP marketing opportunities. This variety has exclusive grain rights with Huron Commodities. Growers can expect a taller soybean variety in the 2700 heat unit range. This growers favourite variety stays green long, but finishes very quickly. Growers continue to …

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Ideally suited to Eastern Ontario and Northern Ontario. Still stands very well considering its height.


Setting The Yield Bar Since 2011 Wilkin has been the leading yield performer in spring wheat production in Ontario since it was introduced in 2011! This hard red spring wheat is a shorter variety with excellent standability. Wilkin displays a good package of leaf disease tolerance, and is not affected by current strains of stripe …

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The “Speedster” – An Offensive All-Star  Hilliard is another strong addition to the C&M Soft Red Wheat lineup. This variety is short but sure packs a punch. It has very fast emergence and above industry standard tolerance to all current leaf diseases. Hilliard’s racehorse characteristics make it a great candidate for intensive management; it will …

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The Complete Package Brasetto – hybrid rye is an absolute favourite for anyone who has grown it. Millers and distillers love it for its high functional profile and consistent milling characteristics. It will be one foot shorter than conventional rye and has great standability. Growers have reported Brasetto yields 1.3 to 2 times more than …

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The Young Firecracker  Blaze is a brand new variety that will definitely get the neighbours talking! A combination of strong agronomics is setting the bar above the tried and true throughout the province. Small seed size allows growers to save money by reduce seeding rates. Packing the FHB 1 trait, Blaze Soft Red Winter Wheat …

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The Complete Package Priesley, a favourite winter wheat by most who grow it. It has short height, great standability, great disease tolerance and yields as high as soft reds when managed. It Stands – It Yields – and It Pays.   Nitrogen Rates 150 – 200 lbs  Sulphur Rates 18 –  30 lbs (N+S rates …

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Mercedes – Winter Canola Have you Heard the BUZZ? MERCEDES is a newly registered conventional winter canola hybrid in the Ontario market. Compared to older winter canola varieties, MERCEDES early fall vigour combined with excellent winter hardiness make a great fir for Ontario producers looking for a high yielding winter canola variety. Compared to spring …

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