Strong Yield for Early Maturity
Great Protein Content
IP Premium Opportunities

Strong Yield for Early Maturity

Aurelina soybeans are an excellent early maturing identity preserved soybean option for the midwestern Ontario region. The commodity professionals at Ceresco have identified that the bean has excellent IP market opportunities. The Protein and Oil content in these beans are very desireable for the export customers. There are significant IP premiums to be obtained for growing these beans!! Yield results have ceratinly been impressive based on how early these soybeans are.

Agronomically, in recent years of evaluation, we have found Angelica to posess Medium to Tall plant height and a slender plant structure. They are best suited to narrow row width, and they have good standability, but are on the medium to tall side, so keep that in mind. They do demonstrate an above average tolerance to white mould, but it is still advised to use a fungicide protection where high fertility, thick canopy, or white mould history exists.

Growing Area

Aurelina IP Soybeans have been grown and evaluated in Southwestern Ontario since 2018. They rank as a 00.5 RM group for maturity (2525chu). This would suit them well to the region within Bruce County>Palmerston>Orangeville, and still harvest in time to plant a good crop of winter wheat. These beans would be a very early option for regions like Listowel. Known to perform well in loam soils as well as the lighter soils of the Hanover area.

Variety Specifications

Seeding Rate 180,000 Seeds/acre or 95lbs/acre
Maturity 00.5 RM or 2525 CHU
Plant Structure Medium to Tall Height - Slender plant
Row Width Best suited to narrow rows (7" - 10")
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Protein  8
Standability  6
White Mould Tolerance  8
Early Vigour  8

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