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Brasetto – hybrid rye is an absolute favourite for anyone who has grown it. Millers and distillers love it for its high functional profile and consistent milling characteristics. It will be one foot shorter than conventional rye and has great standability. Growers have reported Brasetto yields 1.3 to 2 times more than their conventional rye. Brasetto gets its yield from the tremendous fall tillering ability. This is the best wheat in Ontario that has great winter survival with very fast and vigorous spring growth. It will head out before winter wheat but harvests later than winter wheat.

Growing Areas

Brasetto appears to have a great fit right across the province, but excels on soils where wheat struggles i.e. naturally drained, lighter, sandy soils.  Growers producing Brasetto rye are required to sign a single use seed contract prior to picking up the seed.

Planting Tips & Tricks

Variety Specifications

Seeding Rate 800,000 seeds/acre **Confirm seeding rate with seed size and germination**
Height 155 cm
Maturity 300 Days (harvest first half August)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Winter Survivability 
Standability  7
Leaf Rust  7
Straw Yield 

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Fall Planting Timeline Window: SEP 7 to OCT 25 Optimum: SEP 15 to OCT 10. Rye requires more establishment ahead of winter than fall wheat.
Seed Population Target 800,000 germinating seeds/ac. (increase to 880K beyond OCT 5, 960K beyond OCT 15)
Seed Rate 2018 rates 57-77lbs/ac (based on seed size and germ%)
Starter Fertilizer Focus on Phosphorus for early root growth. 80lbs/ac in furrow MAP is preferred
Seeding Method Can be no-till, or conv till, but uniform depth and spacing is always important. Spread previous straw and chaff uniformly. Target seed depth 3-4cm deep
Pre-plant Herbicide Consider pre-harvest spray or a pre-plant burn down prior to seeding rye. Start clean.
Pre-plant Fertilizer Broadcast according to soil test requirements. 90bu Removal = Grain 42P and 28K PLUS Straw 19P and 135K
Fall Herbicide If many weeds are present, may need to remove.
Spring Management
Fertilizer 90N and 10S minimum for most soils and conditions. Split application or stagger release sources. Consider 120N and 15S on soils with lower organic matter scores.
Weed Control Scout and spray early, rye will grow aggressively when the snow leaves.
Early Fungicide Targeting mildew, scald, and early rust. Might be able to tank mix with herbicide or growth regulator, but likely to provide best results if applied in separate pass. Zadoks 32 (stem elongation) to 43 (swollen stem).
Growth Regulator Hybrid products stand better than conventional varieties. (Thicker shorter stems) most growth reg products are to be applied at GS31 to shorten the internodes. Follow Label directions.
Second Fungicide Targeting rust and fusarium (not as big of threat as wheat). Avoid spraying at flowering time. Can apply pre-anthesis, or post-anthesis.
Harvest Moisture 14.0% is considered dry. Most is stored at 13.0%
Straw Yields Usually approx 2,000 lbs/ac, has been as high as 3,000 in spots
Pricing Opportunities Identity Preserved Programs exist for strongest pricing opportunities, acres and pricing are booked in the summer prior of each year.  $250/mt paid for 2019 crop.
Bushel Weight Rye standard = 56lbs/bu = 39.36bu/MT (same as corn)
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