CM 614

Excellent winter survival
GREAT tillering variety
Great stripe rust tolerance

The Clay Soil Specialist

CM 614 has been a leader in Ontario for nearly 10 years. CM 614 – The soft red winter wheat typically prefers to challenge itself with placement onto clay soil types and outperforms all of its competition in that soil type. With strong tillering capability, CM 614 wins over tough soil conditions — a real workhorse variety.

  • Nitrogen Rates 110 – 125 lbs 
  • Sulphur Rates 10 –  15 lbs

(N+S rates dependent on stand assessment, crop rotation, soil type, background fertility, manure history)

  • Large straw volumes
  • Great Tillering variety
  • Quick emergence and visually appealing early spring
  • Strong disease tolerance


Area 3 (Ottawa Valley region) loves CM 614 because it has some of the strongest winter survival ratings in the market. Even in tough winters like the one we just experienced, CM 614 has strong survival. It also excels in the Haldimand, Niagara and Alvinston, Wyoming regions because of the predominantly clay soil  type. CM 614 tops many trials in marginal soils, gravel, sand, untiled heavy clay with. Avoid placing on highly productive soils with high background fertility and an aggressive wheat management program.  

Variety Specifications

Seeding Rate 11,300 seeds/lb - LONG TERM AVERAGE or 142 lbs/acre (1.6 M seeds/acre)
Heading Date 154 Days
Height 91 cm
Leaf Structure LEAF OVER
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Yield  7
Winter Survivability 
Standability  6
Leaf Rust  8
Stripe Rust 
Test Weight 

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