It Stands and Yields

The Complete Package

Drew prefers to be managed with a combination of high fertility rates and fungicide sprays and stands up to the test! Drew has a great ability to stand through some of the most rigorous management. In most scenarios where growers choose Drew, they are also using fungicides in their program, limiting stripe rust risk substantially.

  • Nitrogen Rates 120 – 150 lbs 
  • Sulphur Rates 12 –  20 lbs

(N+S rates dependent on stand assessment, crop rotation, soil type, background fertility, manure history)

  • 2 pass fungicide program
  • Starter Phosphorous
  • Can push higher seeding rates economically because of small seed size
  • Excellent threshability. Growers say they can harvest later in the evening
  • Visually appealing deep green colour

Growing Areas

Drew appears to fit right across the province but definitely excels in loamy soil types. Keep off sharp sand and gravel soil types. If you are in the rolling hills of the Hanover region or the flat soils of the Chatham region, Drew performs at the top of its class for yield when put to the high management test. Drew is also the earliest maturing of our Soft Red varieties. Drew was named after the hamlet of Drew, Ontario, which features rolling landscapes and multiple soil types, but boasts some excellent yield potential when managed properly.

Variety Specifications

Seeding Rate 125 lbs/acre for 1.6 Million seeds/acre
Heading Date 152 Days
Height 87 cm
Leaf Structure UPRIGHT
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Winter Survivability  8
Leaf Rust  7
Stripe Rust  6
Test Weight  8

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