Tillers Like No Other

Easton – one of the most popular hard red spring wheat in Ontario has proven to be another high yielding option. It features excellent tillering capability, but with lots tillering your risk of lodging is higher. Avoid situations where lodging may be a problem. Easton features excellent fusarium tolerance over previous high yield options. Easton has lead the way as the Top Yielder in the OCCC trials over the last 5 years before Raven was registered. It is also slightly later maturing, spreading out your heading and harvest risk. The tillering ability of Easton is like no other spring wheat. It can tiller like a winter wheat creating more yield opportunity.

Growing Areas

Easton has strong yield numbers across all parts of the province.  It has been the yield leader in all traditional spring wheat growing zones.  We prefer to see Easton in Southwestern Ontario or Eastern Ontario.  Easton is among the latest maturing of our Hard Red Spring varieties, spreading your risk for fusarium. 

Variety Specifications

Seeding Rate 125 lbs/acre for 1.6 Million seeds/acre
Heading Date 58 Days
Height 85 cm
Head Type BEARDED, Has Awns
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Protein  6
Standability  6
Stripe Rust  8
Straw Yield  7

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