The Newcomer!  Flying High.

Raven is a slightly taller spring wheat variety with class leading yields.  It features excellent fusarium control, leading yields in almost all regions, and a large head size.  With its high bushel weight and yield potential, it may be a great choice for split Nitrogen applications in high nutrient situations.  It also may be the first spring wheat we have that could benefit from a growth regulator.

Strong Rates of Nitrogen and Sulpher can be used to create high yeilds and support adequate Protein development during grain fill.  Split applications of Nitrogen fertilizer are stongly advised in order to avoid lodging.   Raven bears a Moderately Susceptible rating for fusarium and DON, so it is smart to avoid high risk situations.  Proper crop rotation, early seeding dates, and effective FHB T3 fungicide application are recommended agronomic practice.   Raven also has a strong tolerance to current leaf disease, like stripe rust.

Growing Areas

Raven has provided strong yield index numbers through all areas of Ontario in the OCCC trials.  Often it has been the top yield rank in each growing area of the province.  Raven seems to be very well suited to MidWestern Ontario, Area 2.  Growers should also expect strong performance in Northern and Eastern Ontario.


Variety Specifications

Seeding Rate 150 lbs/acre for 1.6 Million seeds/acre
Heading Date 51 Days
Height Medium - Tall, 89 cm (2018 Area 3 data)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Protein  6
Standability  6
Stripe Rust 
Fusarium  8
Straw Yield 

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