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Wilkin has been the leading yield performer in spring wheat production in Ontario since it was introduced in 2011! This hard red spring wheat is a shorter variety with excellent standability. Wilkin displays a good package of leaf disease tolerance, and is not affected by current strains of stripe rust.

The Wilkin variety has the ability to produce tillers, but it still seems that majority of the yield production is generated by the main head. The main head and the short plant height give it the perfect structure for aggressive fertility management. The Protein in high yield crops of Wilkin can be on the low side of the spectrum. In order to push for strong yield and support adequate protein development, growers have had success with split applications of Nitrogen and Sulphur.

Wilkin bears a Susceptible rating for fusarium and DON, so it is smart to avoid high risk situations. Proper crop rotation, early seeding dates, and effective FHB T3 fungicide application are recommended agronomic practice.   

Growing Areas

Wilkin – the hard red spring wheat can be successfully grown in all regions of Ontario. OCCC yield index show particularly strong performance in Southwestern and Northern Ontario.

Growers in Eastern Ontario have reported positive experience also. Wilkin is also a good fit into livestock as it will thrive on high fertility soils and provide a nice amount of straw.

Variety Specifications

Seeding Rate 12,500 seeds/lb - LONG TERM AVERAGE or 133 lbs/acre (1.6 M seeds/acre)
Heading Date 57 Days
Height Short, 84 cm (2018 Area 3 data)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Protein  6
Stripe Rust 
Fusarium  6
Straw Yield  6

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