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Choosing the right red wheat variety can be hard, but we can help!

Ever since the corona-virus shut down the way we share information in agriculture, we have been working on delivering more digital content to assist with your planting decision.  Afterall, feeding the world is what the root of the wheat company, and your business is all about!

Check out our Virtual Wheat Plot Tour. The wheat team will give you insight into what makes Certified Seed more than just “seed in a bag”, and you can learn just how we have been bringing you new, innovative products for over 40 years. We will then take you on a tour of 2 side by side wheat plots and talk about the benefits, downfalls and perfect fit for each variety.

Then check out our Seeding Rate Calculator and Stand Assessment Calculator.  These mobile friendly tools will benefit you at seed order time, planting time and scouting time.

Virtual Plot Tour with C&M Seeds

Taking you through our process at C&M Seeds, then looking at varieties.

2022 Variety Plot Tour at Harvest

Reviewing our 2022 Seed Lineup at harvest in our side by side plot location.

Still not sure?  Check out our agronomists quick pics for your area just below.

SeedingRate.ca is your home for our Mobile Friendly Calculators

Deliver More wheat with our dynamic Seeding Rate calculator

Check out the calculator when you order your seed, receive your seed, at drill calibration, and to see how you performed at the end of the season.

Find out where you stand with our Stand Assessment calculator

Manage your crop with confidence with our stand assessment calculator. Be in the green with your wheat crop when you hit the "SWheat spot".

Our Agronomists Quick Pick Recommendations

Quick Picks from Rob

Northern Ontario – Maritime Region Midwestern Ontario
Wellington, Grey, Oxford & Surrounding Regions

Quick Picks from Tim

Central/Eastern Ontario – Midwestern Ontario
Huron, Bruce, and Perth & Surrounding Regions

Quick Picks from Alex

Southern Ontario
South of London & Niagara Region

Family Owned for over 40 Years!

At C&M Seeds we take pride in being a small, family owned business. As such, we rely on the support of our trained professional dealer network. To order wheat seed, please find your local C&M Seed dealer or call 1-888-733-9432


Are you Maximizing your dollars per acre? Hard Red Wheat can provide you the extra return on investment you have been looking for.

Lexington, Adrianus, and PRO 81 have the perfect combination of yield and protein and each fit into different farming styles or areas. Find out which is right for you. Check into a grain buyer near you for marketing opportunities.


C&M Seeds has been bringing Ontario wheat growers new classes of wheat since 1979.  We introduced the Soft Red class to Ontario and now you can try the newest varieties available.  Cruze has been helping growers for the last 3 years to Deliver More.  Blaze and Hilliard stormed onto the market in 2019 with rave reviews.  Look for them in a field near you!