2017 Outdoor Farm Show Winners

Congratulation to our winners!

Thanks again to everyone that attended our booth at the 2017 Canada Outdoor Farm Show.  It was a beautiful week that saw a burst of heat and sunshine – creating confidence in many growers that they will be able to get there wheat planted this year and keep to a proper rotation.

As always, we have draw each day for 10 bags of your favourite C&M Seeds wheat seed.  The #1 step in getting a serious wheat crop is ensuring you start with the right seed source!

Congratulations to the following winners:

Harold & Wilma Fischer
Fischerlea Farms
Harriston, Ontario

Marc Rivest
MNR Farms
Comber, Ontario

Dennis Pilkey
Everfaith Farm
Burgessville, Ontario

Thanks again to everyone for attending and Happy Planting!  We look forward to enhancing the future of wheat with your help of Certified Seed purchases.

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