KWS Bono

High Yielding
Great Standability
Excellent Tillering

Bono Loves to Rock your Field!

KWS Bono is another great hybrid rye option in Ontario. Millers and distillers love it hybrid rye for its high functional profile and consistent milling characteristics. It will be one foot shorter than open pollenated rye and has great standability. Growers have reported Bono yields 1.2 to 2 times more than their conventional rye. KWS Bono gets its yield from the tremendous fall tillering ability. It has great winter survival with very fast and vigorous spring growth. It will head out before winter wheat but harvests later than winter wheat. KWS Bono is slightly shorter than Brasetto and has shown equivalent yields to Brasetto in Ontario.

Growing Areas

KWS Bono appears to have a great fit right across the province, but excels on soils where wheat struggles i.e. naturally drained, lighter, sandy soils.  Growers producing KWS Bono rye are required to sign a single use seed contract prior to picking up the seed.

Variety Specifications

Seeding Rate 800,000 Seeds per acre
Height Med-Tall
Head Type Bearded
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Winter Survivability 
Standability  8
Leaf Rust  7
Straw Yield  8

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