PRO 81

Strong yields and quality
MEDIUM HEIGHT and stands up to the test

Power-packed, Like a Train

PRO 81 maintained its name due to association with the town of Palmerston, and the towns rich history and establishment as a railway town.  The “Old 81” train still decorates the town Main Street.  

PRO 81 delivers excellent yield with a very powerful quality profile.  The plant structure is similar to that of Gallus.  The protein levels are high and there is a very desirable functional profile.  The millers want it.  

Growing Areas

PRO 81 seems to fit well to soil types of Area 1 and Area 2.  It with thrive on loamy soils, but can still perform well if the soil is more variable.  If planting early on highly fertile soils, be sure to keep population in check to avoid lodging possibilities.  Leaf disease package is strong and stripe rust is currently not a concern.  Fusarium tolerance is slightly above average.  

Variety Specifications

Seeding Rate 135 lbs/acre for 1.6 Million seeds/acre
Heading Date 154 Days
Height 97 cm
Leaf Structure CURVED
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Protein  8
Winter Survivability 
Standability  7
Leaf Rust  8
Stripe Rust 
Fusarium  8
Test Weight  8

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