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We created The Wheat News as a way to share wheat and wheat industry news with our producer audience, giving you tools and information to help run your business. With the mind of furthering this service to our customers, we’ve launched The Wheat News Plus, a digital newsletter that will bring you more great wheat insights.

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Wowza Wheat Markets!

The War in Ukraine has created uncertainty in a very significant grain producing region, and the very unfortunate happenings there have created a very significant opportunity for Ontario Wheat Growers. #prosperitygrass

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Time to Check your Stands

As the wheat breaks dormancy, every wheat producer should be in their fields conducting a spring stand assessment to make well informed management decisions such as nitrogen and sulphur programs, fungicide applications and plant growth regulator requirements.

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Pop Quiz!

The number one question lately is “Will my wheat make it?” Learn what The Wheat Team recommends for spring assessments.

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Spring Wheat Still Making $EN$E for your Operation

Spring Wheat acres in Ontario have always trended like a bit of a roller coaster. 2022 is setting up to be a year for increased consideration to the rotation. There will be demand for the wheat, the rotational benefits enhance your soil, READ ON for thoughts to see if it is a fit for you, and to set your acres up for success.

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