High Yield potential
Excellent winter hardiness


Improved Winter Survival and Yield

MERCEDES is a newly registered conventional winter canola hybrid in the Ontario market.

Compared to older winter canola varieties, MERCEDES early fall vigour combined with excellent winter hardiness make a great fir for Ontario producers looking for a high yielding winter canola variety.  \Compared to spring Canola, winter Canola has a lower seed price, making it an attractive option for fall cover.

MERCEDES early maturity creates opportunities for a double crop system, or an earlier wheat planting timing.  

Growing Areas

MERCEDES should work right across Southern Ontario.  Check with your local  Crop Insurance regulations to ensure it can be protected in your region. Planting dates will determine success the further north you travel.

Seeding timing will range from the last week of August until the third week of September.

 Key Agronomic Facts

  • Good blackleg resistance 
  • Typical height 50” – 60”
  • High germination and purity 
  • High oil content 
  • Adaptable to various row widths (up to 15”) 
  • Large canopy hybrid – excellent interlocking for direct harvesting 
  • High yield potential 
  • Excellent winter hardiness 
  • Early maturity 
  • Good standability 
  • Responsive to high management systems
  • Developed by DL Seeds

Variety Specifications

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