Farm Show Winners

Winners of 10 bags of seed from Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Another excellent edition of Canada’s Outdoor Farm show is in the books.   We had many attendees at our long time booth on the corner of Upper Machinery and First Lane, and growers were coming in loaded with questions. 

Some of the most popular questions:

Q:  What are the biggest strengths of the new varieties?

A:  We are always looking to improve the overall package available to growers. Our ultimate goal is to give growers the opportunity to spend less on inputs to achieve the same results. Blaze and Hilliard both look to be yield improvements over our current soft reds, and Blaze brings our best ever fusarium package. Adrianus and PRO 81 are noticeable yield improvements over existing varieties. They have “Priesley like” yields and still have the ability to achieve full protein. The best of both worlds. All 4 look like strong, long term varieties.     

Q:  With late soys, should I still plant wheat?

A:  Ideally, you want to be planting into your areas suggested planting dates. But, that doesn’t mean later planted wheat can’t still be high yielding. As you move into October, consider ratcheting up your seeding rates by 100,000 seed/acre per week. Do your best to plant into good conditions. Mudded in wheat never does well. Also, a light tillage pass might be required if your equipment can’t cut through the moist residue from the previous crop. Ensure you are actually planting at 1.5” minimum planting depth, rather than hairpinning into residue.   

Congratulations to our 3 daily winners of 10 bags of C&M Seeds leading genetics.

  1. Phil Deschamps – Oil Springs, ON
  2. Ken Flanagan – Dublin, ON
  3. Gord and Marlene Frey – Drayton, ON

Thanks to everyone who attended. Be sure to see us at the Winter Farm shows in Ottawa and London as well for another chance to win seed.

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