New Varieties Coming Soon

The Future Looks Exciting for Ontario Wheat

The research process takes a long time to complete. It takes approximately 8 years to bring a variety from trials to sale. Every year, Mike and his C&M research crew test nearly 1000 new varieties. The simple process is move the most desirable 20% ahead to the next year. As anyone in research knows, the success rate is typically 1% or less. You are excited to have 1 variety enter the market after the 8 year process. In my mind, this has always been the most important reason to invest in Certified Seed – it helps move your on farm averages ahead, albeit a slow process. C&M Seeds is moving into a very exciting time for new varieties.

This fall our dealer network will be asked to put in more side by side and variety trials than ever – simply put, there is a lot to talk about.  We have the potential for up to 2 new Soft Red Winter varieties and 2 new Hard Red Winter varieties that could enter the market as early as next year. All have shown tremendous potential in their testing timeframe and early production fields.

The hard red varieties appear to, at this point, carry all desirable features that hard red growers would want. They have high yield potential, very good protein as well as exceptional standability. The soft red varieties aren’t much different with great yield indexes, excellent standability and great resistance to our newest threat – stripe rust.

This fall, be sure to ask your local C&M Seeds dealer to participate in a variety trial. It is an excellent way to learn about how different varieties work on your farm. You also get the benefit of seeing the newest, leading edge varieties right at home.

Safe planting!

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