J.D. Cameron

The agriculture industry in Ontario has lost one of its legends. The ‘C’ of C&M Seeds, JD Cameron was one of the founding members of the company and a driving force behind the ‘Red Wheat Revolution’. Cheers to JD Cameron

“What is my Wheat Doing?”

868,000 acres, holy cow! Hats off to everyone who worked hard to get as much winter wheat planted as possible. “My wheat has been in the ground for four weeks and it is not up yet, will it make it?” Read more to find out The Wheat Teams answer and learn “What is my wheat doing?”

Farm Show Winners

Another excellent edition of Canada’s Outdoor Farm show is in the books. Congratulations to our 3 daily winners of 10 bags of C&M Seeds leading genetics. Read more to find out the most popular questions asked at the show!

Residue, a Love Hate Relationship!

A properly performing combine is the greatest asset when it comes to establishing a winter wheat crop. Year after year, properly managing residue serves to be one of the most challenging management steps for most who are looking to establishing winter wheat. Residue and wheel tracks are going to be the biggest dilemmas for most producers this fall. Read more to find out how to manage both!

Preparing for Fall

Some parts of the province have crops advancing quickly! Now is a great time to get the harvesting and planting equipment out of the shed to make sure it is ready to go. A properly performing combine and a well tuned drill are essential for successful winter wheat establishment. Read more to find out what to look for when servicing the combine and drill!