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“16 Little Bolts, 1 Big Frustration!”

The Wheat Team has stepped up their game this summer and has purchased a JD 750 no-till drill. The Drill is intended to help in seed production to plant small acres of high pedigree seed as well as support our local dealer network with planting demonstration plots that include our varieties. The moral of the story is that pre-work equipment checks and calibration are important at the start of each planting season. Read more to find out what happened with the 750’s maiden voyage!

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Start Clean, Stay Clean

Start Clean, Stay Clean has always been The Wheat Teams recommendation for weed control in winter wheat. With more and more glyphosate resistant weeds and noxious weeds spreading across the province, getting ahead of them and controlling these weeds in the fall is imperative the be successful with your 2020 wheat crop. Read more to find out what The Wheat Team is recommending.

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Farm Show Winners

Find out if you were a winner of 10 free bags of seed at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. Also, find out the answers to our most asked questions at the farm show this year. Late beans and New varieties were the topics.

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The N+S Dilemma

Persistent wet weather has made nitrogen and sulphur applications extremely difficult for some parts of the province. Flag leaves have started to emerge; no nitrogen has been applied, what are your options? Read more to learn what the Wheat Team is recommending.

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