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“We Know Wheat”, and we also offer Soybeans, and other cereals. Be Sure to check out our Agronomy Corner and Wheat School.

Wheat – C&M Seeds has the most complete package

Hard Red Winter Wheat

C&M Seeds offers the top Hard Red Varieties in Ontario. Hard Reds perform best on your most productive land.

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Soft Red Winter Wheat

Soft Reds perform well on all soil types. They have improved sprouting tolerance over soft white wheats.

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Hard White Winter Wheat

Ontarios newest class of wheat! Performs well on your best soil. Top prices in the winter wheat category.

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Hard Red Spring Wheat

C&M Seeds offers the top Spring Wheat varieties in Ontario. New genetics are bringing up the yield potential for this class!

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Durum Wheat

A specialized crop in Ontario – used in the pasta industry. This class requires high management and has premium pricing.

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Other Products That We Offer

Hybrid Rye

The first cereal to be hybridized for Ontario growers.  C&M Seeds has the best choice for high performing rye

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Other Cereals

Barley and Oats still have a home on many Ontario farms. Check out C&M Seeds varieties.

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Conventional and RoundUp Ready 2 Yield varieties are both offered by C&M Seeds.

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