C&M Advancing the Bar in OCCC!

C&M Seeds lineup ranks near the leaders of the pack in OCCC report in 2023

The OCCC Performance trial report for 2023 wheat crop has been posted for a couple weeks now.  If you have not made a point to give it a read, we strongly suggest you do so.

Firstly, there needs to be a substantial “pat-on-the-back” extended to all of the people involved in the process!  The effort and focus involved to properly execute the performance trials on a yearly basis needs to be recognized.  We greatly appreciate efforts of the suppliers, technicians, helpers, data experts, and committee member.  Well done!

There were two things that caught my eye when I read the report this year…  It is a large report, so I will focus on Table 3a (page 9) which includes Intensive Management in Area 2.  (But, please look to your local table, and check it out for yourself.)

1) The varieties are getting incrementally better.

The index rankings are getting noticeably better as new varieties come to the field.  The table lists varieties in order of age, and groups by class.  The older varieties are listed near the top.  It is noticeable that the range and average of the index scores in the lower part of the group is trending higher.  This means that the newer varieties (eg. five years or less) are generally making gains, and performing better.  Some of the older varieties are falling off noticeably.  This genetic advancement and progress is beneficial to the Ontario’s farmers and the industry as a whole.

2) C&M Seeds Product Line-up Ranks High

In Soft Red, SWOOP is tied for Top Spot, HILLIARD holds another top-three placing for five years running, and BLAZE once again is well above average in many parts of the province – and tops when it comes to longer term numbers, proving its consistency.

In Hard Red, the class is dominated by the one-two-punch of ADRIANUS and PRO 81.  High quality, strong protein, huge straw volumes, and grain yield to rival many soft red.  Performance you can be confident in.

The OCCC report is a great tool to use to begin your variety search.  Find it at www.gocereals.ca .  We recognize that every farm operation is unique, so give a new variety a try and see how it performs on your farm.  We also have on farm strip trials that have been conducted with dealers and farmers across the province.  You can have a look at those at our website https://redwheat.com/yield-results/yld_year/2023/ .

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