Manipulator Timing

When is the right time to apply Manipulator 

Guest article generously provided by Bill Norman, Belchim Crop Protection Canada.

Early planted Winter Wheat is now at about growth Stage 30-32. This is the ideal time to apply MANIPULATOR Plant Growth Regulator to limit plant height and strengthen stems to help reduce lodging and protect higher yielding wheat.

MANIPULATOR allows growers to boost fertility and maximize crop yield potential. The formulation for MANIPULATOR PGR includes Safeners and Activators that allow for a wide range of application timings. MANIPULATOR can be applied in temperatures ranging from 1°C to 27°C.

MANIPULATOR is long lasting in the plant and remains effective up to early flag Leaf so now is a great time to apply it, but if application is delayed for any reason, MANIPULATOR will still be very effective.

MANIPULATOR is compatible in tank mixes so it can be applied with your weed control or with an early fungicide application.

MANIPULATOR, now registered on Oats and Barley
for Shorter, Stronger, Better crops!

Using Manipulator in Cool Temperatures 

Manipulator is safe to use even if temperatures are unseasonally cool.

Manipulator is formulated with low temperature activators.

Manipulator’s unique formulation allows it to be used as low as 1oC.  This is one of the reasons that make it a great fit for Canadian growing conditions. It is well understood that other plant growth regulators are temperature sensitive at cooler temperatures. Using Manipulator alleviates this concern.

Manipulator is slow acting with a long residual.

Unlike other anti-gibberellin plant growth regulators, chlormequat chloride (the active ingredient in Manipulator), is slow acting with a long residual.  These characteristics allow producers to confidently apply Manipulator in cool temperatures with the confidence that it will continue to provide benefits as temperatures return to normal.

Manipulator Application Timing

If temperatures fall below freezing please allow plant growth to resume prior to applying Manipulator.

For more information on Manipulator please contact:
Bill Norman
Belchim Crop Protection Canada
[email protected]
226 378-4328 (mobile)

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