Boots on the ground = Status Report!

It is estimated that over 1 million acres of winter wheat were seeded in Ontario this fall, most of which were seeded into great conditions within the optimum planting window. Now is a good time to reflect on how things are progressing and where we may want to go from here with our winter wheat management. Read more to learn what the Ontario Cereal Specialist observed this fall!

Rising Through the Ranks

After adverse weather wrecked 2019 efforts, the 2020 OCCC Performance Trial report has now been published, and the C&M Seeds roster continues to rank near the top. Read HERE for some performance highlights.

Deliver More in 2021

With some edible beans already starting to harvest and some soybean fields turning quite rapidly, fall planting is just around the corner! Proper planting is a crucial step to creating the highest possible yields. Learn what The Wheat Teams focus areas are to ensure your wheat crop gets the “Serious Start” that it needs.

Canada’s Digital Farm Show

Come visit C&M Seeds at Canada’s Digital Farm Show September 15-18. Learn about variety positioning, new wheat products for your farm and follow along through our virtual plot tour. The Wheat Team will be available all four days to answer any wheat questions you may have. Click the link to register.

Manipulator Timing

When is the right time to apply Manipulator  Guest article generously provided by Bill Norman, Belchim Crop Protection Canada. Early planted Winter Wheat is now at about growth Stage 30-32. This is the ideal time to apply MANIPULATOR Plant Growth Regulator to limit plant height and strengthen stems to help reduce lodging and protect higher …

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Getting Yield and Protein in Spring Wheat

Nitrogen application timing the key to achieving protein 2020 has dropped a lot onto the world of farming. COVID-19, increased pressure on commodity pricing, demand/supply chain concerns, strong bread demand, and overall strong pricing for wheat has created some increased demand for spring wheat seed. If you are growing spring wheat for the first time in …

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War on Weeds

Why growing cereals is bad for weeds. Guest article contribution to The Wheat News provided by Mike Cowbrough Weed Management Specialist – Field Crops  The benefits of growing winter wheat in a crop rotation have been well established. Long term research at the University of Guelph has shown a 10 bu/acre increase in corn yields and …

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