Tim’s Tips – T3

T3 Tips from Tim

In all likelihood, you have either started spraying T3 fungicides, or you plan to in the coming days.  There is lots of great information out there for timing and application effectiveness.  Ensure to check out the archived videos on Wheat School website if would enjoy some more detailed information.

Here is a supplemental list of other timely considerations for getting this job done.

– The flowering wheat plant is at a very sensitive stage.  Every effort needs to be made to ensure that the sprayer is thoroughly rinsed before loading up your T3 products.  Don’t forget the inductor, agitation lines, and end caps on spray booms.  Use a tank cleaner agent also.  Be especially careful if your sprayer sat idle for a length of time before loading for T3.  Many of the other herbicide chemistry will stick to the rubber lines of sprayer.

– use LOTS of water 18-20gal per acre.  The target is every side of the head!  Paint the heads from every direction.  Forward/backward tips are a must, and adequate coverage is key.

– if threatening weather is in forecast, better to apply the product at a slightly early stage instead of late, in my opinion.  Refer to your fungicide supplier for timing assistance or resources.  Early Flowering stage is the optimum timing.

– EVERY ACRE deserves a T3 spray.  You will realize an advantage.  If you don’t believe us, leave a small check strip to compare.  You will never regret protecting your crop at this stage.

– In addition to the FHB protection, T3 fungicide application adds yield in grain, and also adds yield of cleaner brighter straw.

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