Opportunity Knocks! Open the Door!

You may have noticed some new fields signs across the province.  They don’t say a variety.  They simply state – NEW RED $$$.   We are looking forward to launching a new variety of wheat for Ontario growers that has some real appeal to me personally.  When we grow wheat, it should be “with a purpose”, and this variety appears to have a great purpose!

Please read the following article, and if you are interested – call us!


May 3, 2017 – Palmerston, ON – The economics of growing wheat are an important factor for farmers as they consider their crop and variety selections. A unique new line of highly functional Canada Eastern Hard Red Winter wheat from C & M Seeds plans to increase return on investment for wheat growers and shift millers’ perception of Ontario winter wheat.

“C & M Seeds has always been focused on innovation,” says Ellen Sparry, General Manager at C & M Seeds. “Wheat seed is our product focus, so when we were thinking about what could be the next ‘big thing’ for wheat in Ontario we really saw promise in this new line of highly functional genetics.”

With the goal of developing varieties to meet end use requirements, C & M Seeds engaged with Parrish & Heimbecker as the marketing channel for this pilot program.

“We partnered with C &M Seeds on this project, because like them, Parrish & Heimbecker is looking to provide unique and profitable opportunities for Ontario farmers,” says Andy Wilder, Wheat Merchant, Parrish & Heimbecker.

With a solid agronomic profile, high protein and great baking functionality, Arnold (registration pending) CEHRW wheat is in its third year of commercial field testing and has been supported by the Ontario Cereal Crop Committee for full variety registration.

“We are hopeful Arnold (registration pending) will be fully registered for the fall 2017 planting season,” Sparry states. “For 2017, a limited number of contracts will be available on a contract production basis.”

The variety will be produced under a C & M Seeds production contract as an identity preserved WheatPRO variety for Parrish & Heimbecker.

“What makes Arnold unique is it offers Ontario growers a replacement for spring wheat,” says Wilder. “There is great potential for Ontario growers to grow a higher yielding crop with the functional profile of a traditional spring wheat.”

“For over 30 years C & M Seeds has been conducting research to find a variety of winter wheat with the functional profile of spring wheat. Arnold (registration pending) is showing great promise in achieving this profile, which will let us increase the overall usage of Ontario wheat with the milling industry,” notes Sparry. “We’re committed to this program, and this is just the first variety we’re releasing in this niche class of functional winter wheats.”

Currently, only about a third of wheat grown can be used domestically due to the quality profiles of the classes grown. C & M Seeds are hoping to shift usage with the development of this and other functional wheat varieties.

“We want to grow the acreage and demand for wheat in Ontario and access markets that were previously unavailable to growers,” says Sparry. “Arnold (registration pending) has the potential to be a strong performer based on return on investment. We’re excited to deliver a great program for growers with this unique niche of highly functional winter wheats – this is just the beginning.”

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