Did You Know?

Arnold has been for sale for only a few short years. It is grown completely under closed loop contract P&H Milling. It is the first HRWW that has presented the superior functional profile  for bread flour. Quality like never before seen in Ontario.


Wheat harvest is progressing rapidly in the southern part of the province. Whether you have started to harvest or are waiting patiently, there are always things to look for and check on the combine and header to ensure harvest is smooth and trouble free. Read more to find out what the professionals combine and header checklist entails.

Managing Phantom Yield Loss

Ever wonder why the earliest harvested wheat is the highest yielding and best quality? Phantom yield loss is real and it happens. The most crucial late season wheat management strategy is getting the crop off the field quickly! Read more to find out what causes Phantom Yield Loss and how to manage it.

Stripe Rust Found in Ontario

The first reports of stripe rust in Ontario came from south of St. Mary’s yesterday. Disease pressure is low however, being proactive is KEY to managing this disease. Later planted fields with susceptible varieties would be the ones to watch first. Significant yield losses can occur if not managed swiftly. Read more to find how to effectively manage stripe rust.

Wheat Prices are Very Good

You are likely spending a lot of time in a tractor or sprayer seat these days. Don’t worry, we are watching the markets for you, and wheat is in a rally – are you taking advantage? Now is a great time to get a head start on 2019 wheat bookings with great pricing opportunities.

Protecting Yield and Quality from Late Season Diseases

In general, the 2018 wheat crop is relatively clean from a disease standpoint. Some earlier planted fields with a nice thick canopy do have some powdery mildew however the pressure remains low. There are some fields with low levels of septoria leaf spot as well. If a T1 fungicide was applied, these early season diseases were well looked after.

Knowing what stage your crop is at is critical for fungicide considerations.


That C&M Seeds introduced the first hybrid cereal to the Ontario marketplace for consumer production. Brasetto Hybrid Rye promises growers 20-100% yield increase over traditional rye. It is non-gmo and is in great demand by the distilling industry. Brasetto has been grown now in Ontario for 5 years.

Did You Know?

Cheers to 40 Years Did you know we test over 1000 varieties of wheat per year in multiple locations. This is all done in an effort to give you the next leading variety. Nothing makes us happier than finding the next wheat for your farm! #40Yrsofinnovating