Hard Red Spring Wheat

Getting Yield and Protein in Spring Wheat

Nitrogen application timing the key to achieving protein 2020 has dropped a lot onto the world of farming. COVID-19, increased pressure on commodity pricing, demand/supply chain concerns, strong bread demand, and overall strong pricing for wheat has created some increased demand for spring wheat seed. If you are growing spring wheat for the first time in …

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Spring Wheat acres in Ontario have always trended like a bit of a roller coaster. 2018 crop saw an average amount of acres grown, but some huge variation in yields. 2019 is setting up to be a year for increased acres as many farmers consider to include it in their rotation. There will be demand for the wheat, there will be demand for the straw, READ ON for thoughts to see if it is a fit for you, and to set your acres up for success.


The yield potential of your spring wheat seed will be maximized by doing all you can to move the planting date ahead. However, “seeded early” just to be early shall not be confused with “seeded properly early”. The gains from seeding early in the right conditions can be very large, but the headaches in the wrong conditions can also be very large.

The Price is Right, but not Everywhere

Keeping a sharp eye on the wheat markets has always been important, but what about classes of wheat? Looking ahead to 2019 production, opportunities are emerging in the hard wheat markets. As domestic supply of hard wheat is low, demand is starting to grow as will the opportunities for attractive pricing opportunities and take advantage of them when they arise!