Boots on the ground = Status Report!

It is estimated that over 1 million acres of winter wheat were seeded in Ontario this fall, most of which were seeded into great conditions within the optimum planting window. Now is a good time to reflect on how things are progressing and where we may want to go from here with our winter wheat management. Read more to learn what the Ontario Cereal Specialist observed this fall!

Plant Population Charts

These charts are guidelines for cereal crops, for calibrating seed drills at various row widths, and determining plant stands and expected yields.

Spring Wheat Management Recipe

Spring wheat should be the first crop seeded in the spring. It handles cold weather and soils better than other cereal crops resulting in higher yields.

Seeding Rates

Your seeding rate in lbs per acre can be calculated by looking at your seed tag. View the seeds per pound and use this chart to find pounds per acre.

Frost Seeding

Frost Seeding Cereals! Peter Johnson, Cereals Specialist, OMAFRA, Stratford. Be Prepared.

Spring Assessment

How to assess your winter wheat stand in the spring. Give the plants a chance to wake up.   Wait for at least three warm (above 15C) days after the snow goes away.  It can be done sooner, but may be difficult to determine the live plants if you look too early.  Leave the replant decision …

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