Crop Rotation


Spring Wheat acres in Ontario have always trended like a bit of a roller coaster. 2018 crop saw an average amount of acres grown, but some huge variation in yields. 2019 is setting up to be a year for increased acres as many farmers consider to include it in their rotation. There will be demand for the wheat, there will be demand for the straw, READ ON for thoughts to see if it is a fit for you, and to set your acres up for success.

Grabbing the Low Hanging Fruit

Becoming a serious wheat producer starts with capturing the “low hanging fruit”. When it comes to increasing the yield potential of a wheat crop, one of the top five management strategies is planting date. Planting an early maturing crop this spring will ensure the wheat can get planted in an “early window” to gain those extra bushels. However, are we giving up soybean yield? Read more to find out!